Vintage sellers!

Christmas certainly isn’t far away and today I spent most of my time creating beautiful printed christmas wrapping for some sold items from my etsy shop.

Printed cat, snowflake and dinosaur gift wrap and gift tags, plus complimentary christmas cards. I think these special touches will be well received!

So…. Happy Christmas prepping and wishing much good festive feeling to all.


Hand printed cat face and Dino gift tags.


All wrapped up in a bundle of Christmas hand stamped love!


Saying goodbye to vintage items I have selected, housed and adored.


The bigger parcels can be a bit challenging to wrap on your own. Job done!

Happy Christmas


Shine on Christmas trees!

20151110_104457New, new, new.

Each of these little beauties come on a simple wooden base and are created using plain gold and silver coloured wire. They are each handmade and shaped with a nice shiny appearance.

(These remind me a bit of a game that used to make me jump out of my skin as a kid! I think it was called buzz off! You were supposed to attempt to control a metal wand around the shape and if you touched it (accidentally or otherwise!) It buzzed!

Much fun and frustration was had with this game!

Don’t worry, only a natural buzz of excitement can be created by these handmade decorations – no batteries or electrickery supplied or required! Registered & Protected XRLD-JAB3-0NHK-RFJL

Also available to order are the same design but with the hammered and Christmas x textured pattern.

20151110_104357 Registered & Protected MCL2-V8IK-QDNW-E9X9

Each tree arrives boxed with a free mini hand printed card / envelope.

Please allow 3-5 days to create and dispatch your order in time for Christmas!

Gold and silver coloured Christmas treats!


Gold and silver hand made Christmas trees are not only available from Vintage Sona Beam (on Etsy) as hanging decorations …. We also have standing tree gift sets!!!!


Boxed with a free hand printed mini xmas tree card, each unique tree has a vintage wooden base and plenty of glamour!


I really love the fact that these decorations can look both contemporary and stylish but are also suited to complimenting the vintage lovers interior space.

A perfect gift! Registered & Protected AV9K-VXJD-B4W4-JXY9

Care warning.

(decorations should be handled and displayed responsibly, contain small pieces / choking hazard / not suitable for babies, toddlers, pets and children.)


Christmas sparkles here we come

My daughter loves the festive season (and I have been known to be a bit bah humbug about the whole thing.) But… once encouraged (if I haven’t been completely bombarded with ‘cheery’ Christmas tunes and endless shopping requests that ‘Farmer Christmas’ does not assist with any more!) I can be persuaded!

There is one aspect of Christmas that I do appreciate and that is the visual side …. the decorative preparations.

So in true artistic and entrepreneurial style I began producing decorations to add to my stock list.

I began selling these decorations last year through a beautiful gallery near Huddersfield and have now made them available to purchase worldwide through the wonderful, wonderland of the internet based handmade and vintage sellers site Etsy.

So, if you are looking for unique and authentic gifts Etsy is still a place worth visiting.

So, gifts a go go!

There are a range items available and each piece is unique due to the hand made process.


Here, I introduce to you my hanging range of Christmas tree decorations (in both silver and gold.)

Each hanging decoration is sold in a simple brown kraft gift box and comes with a free handprinted mini xmas tree card/ gift tag and envelope. Making each item a complete and unique little gift.


Each piece hangs on fine chain and sparkles with Christmas x’s … Hand shaped, hammered, punched and assembled these trees are each a festive delight!

In my next post … a variation of this design will be revealed!

20151110_110539 Registered & Protected FTGZ-3EYN-KEVC-0SSU

Care warning.

(decorations should be handled and displayed responsibly, contain small pieces / choking hazard / not suitable for babies, toddlers, pets and children.)

inktober over and out!

I’m having to say enough is enough on the whole inktober / drawlloween affair for now. I love illustrating but there really is too many other things need organising right now. There will be many more illustrations for 2016 with a return to most loved themes (ravens in particular.)

So onwards …. we speed towards the inevitable festive event at the end of the year!!!!

Oh no, not another year gone already!

I had plans this year and they were to get organised. Well it’s not over yet!!!!

Determination is key and so is not being ridiculously naive regarding what is actually manageable and staying focused on the tasks at hand.

Anyway here is my last little contribution to inktober / drawlloween 2015 before introducing new stock for Christmas.

Thanks to everyone for all your likes and interactions over this period of drawing madness!

20151111_125624 Registered & Protected OLIB-NQFZ-ELUL-FITF